Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time for another update.

It has been over a week since I updated so I thought it was time. My mom has my camera right now so I cant even download any pictures. So today Ashlynn and I had a date to go to central Phoenix to "The department of economic security division of developmental disabilities". Ashlynn has been approved for any types of therapies that she might need through her life. Music is on we are going to start. We are going to have a provider come into the home and help Ashlynn better learn how to get dressed, potty train, and they will also take her to play groups and such to help her with her socializing. I am so grateful for all the wonderful things they have to help my little girl. So it is a big thing that we have been approved for all that. We also had to have the approval to be able to write it off on our taxes. So now 4 days a week she will be going to school, and 2 days a week she will be doing therapy.

I got a job at the same hospital that I work at in the lab. I start that job November 3, and it was a big pay raise for me. So that is wonderful. I love being a Phlebotomist. I am all done with school, and am now studying to take the National certification. So hopefully I will be done with all that in a little while.

Scott is right in the middle of a challenging semester for him. He is maintaining good grades, and loves what he is learning. He is coming up to the deadline for his application to be submitted into Pacific University in Oregon. So he is trying to get everything done. So maybe this time next year we will be in the Pharmacy program. I am praying everyday that the economy maintains itself so we can continue getting financial aid to make it through the program. After that I had no stresses about his choice of career.

Coleton is hilarious he is always making everyone laugh. He is in every ones business. He is nosey, and I find it very funny. I have him very concerned right now. I told him that he needed to stop sucking his thumb, because one of his front teeth are sticking out more that the other. You cant really tell, but me being mom I can tell. So every time he thinks about sticking his thumb in his mouth he says that his teeth are nasty.

So this is our life in a nut shell. With my new job starting up I am hoping to be a more frequent blogger.

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Well all of that sounds fantastic!!

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