Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suprise 70th Birthday Party

My dad had a suprise 70th birthday party and all of his kids were there except my Oldest brother. We had so much fun. My wonderful sister Mary got everyone together for the party and she also funded the entire party, and my dad had no idea that it was coming. My poor mom could not sleep the night before knowing that all her kids were in town and she was not there visiting with us. But she managed to make it. We just had a blast here are some pictures of the night.


Tober Family said...

Your pics were way better then mine!! I'm glad you ended up posting them. There is one pic that looks like Liz is Mary's little girl or something, hilarious!!

Adam&Rachel said...

How nice! I bet that was so great for all of you, especially your parents. You guys have a great family