Sunday, January 6, 2008

I have been busy

Jayden, Brytlin, Rececca, Bryan, Elyse, Anyston, My Brother, Payge
Christmas morning

My neice Katelyn

Christmas at the Wilkins

Scott was trying to take a picture of him holding his gift but right when he took the picture coleton dropped the present.

Man the holidays came and went all ready. It seemed like a whirl wind of activities. It all started with Scott loosing his job right before Christmas, and then he got it back. Then it was time to start looking for Christmas. That was a joke. The kids cant say what they want from santa yet so it was a big guessing game. My brother and his wife came in town for the week. We stayed up playing "River" every night until 2am just to get up with the kids. Then they got into playing Pool, and seeing who could knock all the balls in, in the shortest amount of time. So Scott beat everyones record, so we had to stay up late so that at least one of my brothers could be him(we are not a competitive family at all : ) ). Christmas came and went, and friday before new years. my mom and dad thought it would be fun to take a road trip in their new van, and got to Vegas. Sorry Allison we did not come see you guys it was a crazy weekend, please dont be offended. We carivaned with my brother from oregon, and it was a long 8 hour trip. We were stuck at the Dam for 2.5 hours. We were able to go to our old ward in vegas and see some of our friends. Then it was off to my sisters house pretty much the rest of the weekend. We left early New Years day to come home, and the trip was not nearly as bad. Scott went to work Wednesday just to find out that they were letting him go again, because work was slower now that it ever has been before. Off to a job interveiw on thursday, and a job fair shortly after. We were able to find out how he can become a Pharm Tech without going to school. Hopefully he will get hired on at walgreens so that we dont have to pay for the certificate.

So now we are on the job hunt again, and have nothing at this point as far as any job prospects. Stress!!!! that is all i have to say about that. So I also decided to look in to how much time we have before he applys for the university, and he has to take his PCAT this fall, and apply in the spring. Holy Cow i was suprised to see that it is only a year away. Time to hussle. We have to find time for him to do community service, work at a Pharmacy, and go to school none stop until this time next year, and still provide for the family. As well as study for his PCAT, and get letters together for his applications. Man we have a ton to do. Well i should not say we as much as Scott is going to have a really busy year, and stressful one at that. So that is our life in a nut shell right now. We are so happy to be able to have family close that is so supportive, and that we can look to for help. I am attaching some pictures from our holiday.


Denise said...

I almost picked this exact background! We have similar taste. I'm so sorry about Scott losing his job again. Hopefully, one day all this will be worth it for you guys. The kids are adorable and looks like they had a great Christmas. We love you guys!

The Wilkins said...

What??? I can't believe you guys came to Vegas and didn't visit us... we've NEVER done that to you guys. :) Just kidding. Sorry about Scott's job. That stinks. Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas... they are too cute.