Monday, October 12, 2009

What in the world have we been up to....

My life has picked up and is very very very busy. Full time job, Ashlynn dance 2x a week, Coleton 2 soccer practices a week, and games on Saturday, Scott full time student, Doctor appointments for Ashlynn and me which has been 3x a week, and I have been having to run Ashlynn to and from school four times a week. I think she is back on the bus now. So if you have been wondering why I am slacking on FB and Blog now you know. I finally got some pictures of Ashlynn at dance and Coleton's first soccer practice.

Scott finally got his applications turned in for Pharmacy school, and this is the tell all of where we will end up. This is if he gets accepted for 2010. We are praying that he does. He is a full time student and looking for a part times job. His classes have become much less difficult for the time being. He gets to play stay at home dad right now. It has been nice. But it is time for him to get back to work.

Katie i working full time at nights, and even over time, as work has picked up dramatically. Flu season is hitting earlier than we ever thought it would. It has been crazy. I work in the lab now, and don't get out to draw blood all but maybe once a week if that. And running the kids around to all their various locations, and is doing roughly 2 doctor appointments a week. I am enjoying working the night shift. But my sleep gets really messed up. That is why I am up at 0400 on my day off. I am going to run my first 5k which I am super excited for. I should be at the gym and not blogging but the house is so quiet I am enjoying it.

Ashlynn is doing very well at school she has gotten much more comfortable at school, and is talking well and at the appropriate volume. I am happy for her she is making progress everyday. She still does not have very good sentence structure, but I am hoping that will get fixed over time. Ashlynn is loving her dance class. She is taking an acro class that teaches her the fundamentals of gymnastics. She is also in a tap/ballet combo, and this one is her favorite. She loves her teachers. Right now she is mastering cartwheels. But they are just taking time and courage for her. I am so proud of her, and I am scared to death for her to start kindergarten next year. Ashlynn is now done with seeing the doctor every week, and is now on to a once a month basis. Thank goodness for health insurance.

Coleton is our very humorous three year old. He is always looking out for his sister. He is such a people watcher it gets embarrassing. He still has the funky thing on his eye but it is getting better. He is loving his soccer practice and has gotten down what shin guards are thank goodness. Both kids have been very sick for the last two days. I am hoping they wake up all better cause we have shopping to do today. Coleton is so cute he always gets so proud of his sister when she does something good, or figures something out. He is so sweet, and is only ornery to his dad. He is super sweet to everyone else. I am so grateful to have such good kids.

Doing flips on the bar

Balance beam

Working on back hand springs.

Coleton's first soccer practice.
All ready for practice (really did not want sister in the picture)

My parents got him a soccer bag and wrote his name on it, and he thinks its just cool

Practicing his dribbling

Stretching (if you think that is Scott you are right. He got to be coach for his first practice, but they ended up splitting up his team and so he does not have to coach anymore, but he is totally fine with that.)


cuthbertsonclan said...

5K? What the heck? I'm dying to hear which one and when it is! I am so proud of you. This is a great 1st race experience and I think you'll do great! KEep it up!

Denise said...

Good update...been wondering. Coleton looks so tough in his soccer outfit and I'm glad to hear that Ashlynn is doing better. I can't believe you are doing a 5K! That is AWESOME...and now I feel super lazy:)

Tiffin said...

You guys DO have good kids!

Wow, a 5K! That's exciting! When?

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