Saturday, May 16, 2009

The boys camping trip.

Scott and Coleton went on the father and sons campout. Scott informed me that he hoped I did not mind that he took the camera. I said no not at all. I did not really want to see half of these pictures. Oh men do they ever grow up? Some of them are good. They had a good time. Coleton had a ham sandwhich, and scott said he started complaining that his stomache hurt. Then he said he had to poop. they pulled over and he would not poop on the side of the road. So they got back in the car. Started unloading their stuff, and Coleton started vomiting, and having really bad diahrea. So he asked coleton if he wanted to go home, and coleton said no. Scott says he threw up one more time after that, and he was totally fine. He seems fine today. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did. :-p


Tiffin said...

I'm glad Coleton is better and was able to enjoy the camp out!

Did the girls do anything fun while the boys were off camping?

Adam&Rachel said...

what a trooper! So cute!

cuthbertsonclan said...

That is a classic story! Isn't it just like kids to barf on a trip? I swear it happens every time we come to AZ.....good thing we are coming for Christmas! Scott is a true dad now! Glad it was him and not you!