Monday, February 2, 2009

Going to the Zoo

The cutest kids ever. Ashlynn and Rylon

Auntie and Ashlynn

Riding the rides

All the cousins playing at the playground. I thought this was a cute picture

My cute kids.

Ashlynn and Coleton playing at the play ground at the zoo

Watching the Sharks with Auntie

Ashlynn and Rylon watching the fish

Scott touching a Starfish. We were petting stingrays but I did not get a picture of that.

This was what we did the next day that Aunt Kathy was in town. My kids love the zoo. We had a ton of fun there. There are some things that we did that I didnt get on my camera. But we went on a fun log ride. And brought our lunches and ate tons.

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