Monday, October 22, 2007


I finished it. I bought the book Wednesday, and would have finished it Wednesday if i didn't have kids but you know how that is. I was balancing being a single mom, and babysitting, and parties, and all the stuff i had to do. But i got it read. I loved it, and my parents are at target getting me "New Moon" I am so into the books. I thought how stupid is it that people are so into this book about Vampires, but i now see why. I love it. It you have not read it you should. It is great.

I found out today that me and the kids are going to Disneyland the first weekend in November. I can not wait for Ashlynn to see Tinkerbell and go on the peter pan ride. She is so into peter pan right now. We leave Friday, and come home Monday. we are going to the beach which i don't think my kids have ever been (sad I know). We are going to have a great weekend, and we are sad that dad cant come.


Denise said...

Love all the pics - the kids are so cute in their costumes. I've heard really great things about the Twilight series too, I'll have to start reading them. I can't believe you are going to Disneyland!!! I am so jealous!

The Wilkins said...

Cute costumes! The kids look adorable-we really miss them! That's so fun that you guys are going to Disneyland! Don't feel bad about Ashlynn never having seen the beach... Adam hasn't either. Well, he thinks he has. When we drove into Las Vegas, and he saw Lake Mead, he yelled, "It's the ocean! Where's Nemo?" Glad you liked the book!

familyofthewaves said...

Yea, it's addictive, huh?! Ahh, you're kids are so growing up. Ashlynn looks so different now and Colton is as big as her! Oh, jogging stroller looks great, but I really don't think Daniel would fit in hit. He's a huge kid! I'm still trying to convince Carlo to go to Cali, so I hope to see you there!