Friday, October 5, 2007

New Bunk Beds

The kids got new beds cause i got a screaming deal on them. I was on craigslist one of my favs. someone had posted bunk beds for $300 and so i looked at the add. they were exactly what i was looking for. He was including the mattresses, the linens, the bunky boards, and the bunk beds. I thought to myself i don't think i would use the linens but i will call and inquire. I called the gentleman, and he started to tell me that he had bought them for his grandchildren, and they have only been slept in twice. so i told him that we wanted to come look at them. So my dad and i left on the adventure of checking out these bunk beds. after a long drive out to North Scottsdale (a really nice part of town) we arrive at this guys house. Looking at the bunk beds we decided to purchase them. Saves us on taxes, and having to buy linens. So we gave the gentleman $300 and stated to load up. Comes to find out that the linens are all Pottery Barn Kids linens retailing for $170 a set. That in and of its self is a good deal. Only problem is they are all fire truck linens, as you all know my little girl cant sleep with fire trucks on her bed. So we flipped it inside out. At least until i find something i like. Then I just had to ask the guy where they bought them from just in case in the future i need to replace anything. He reply was Robb and Stucky (a high class furniture store) So being curious i decided to check it out on the Internet. Just want to make sure i got a good deal. The exact bunk beds were $900 on the web site. Then the mattresses are really high quality. The guy that we bought them from had his house on the market for $4.9 million. The house was amazing.
Needless to say i got a screaming deal. I just had to share cause i am so happy. The kids have been sleeping very well together in the same room. So it just has worked out well.


Denise said...

Way to score a deal! Cute beds - you'll have to let me know how they do sharing a room.

Stephanie said...

I am so totally jealous!

Denise said...

Katie - update your blog!!! I keep checking to see whats new with you guys, but nope, no updates. Don't keep a pregnant lady waiting!