Monday, June 9, 2008

Ashlynn going down the slide

My mom and dad have been watching the kids while Scott and I are at work. They had a play pool from last summer, but the heat has melted it so bad that we had to go get a new one. This is what I found, and they love it. This video is hilarious cause she does not like going under the water, and so it was a big surprise for her. Today is my day off, and so the kids and I are just having fun together. I think I will be taking them to burger king, and let them play at the play place, and we have to go find some tap shoes and ballet shoes for Ashlynn, and get her signed up for class next week. I am so excited to get her into dance. I hope she will like it.

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Stephanie said...

That video is SO cool-I know it's probably cruel, but I love when little kids do something like this and end up under water when they weren't just makes you feel like a kid all over again when you see them do it!