Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day of School

Man how time has flown by!!! The kids started school on August 8, 2011. They both are loving school, and there teachers.

Ashlynn loves that some of the kids in her class were in her Kindergarten class. I remember those days of seeing familiar faces every time you switch grades. Her teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez, and tells me all the time what a good girl Ashlynn is. Her Autism, has come so far and you really don't notice she has it, but it has interfered with her learning this year. I went and sat in on her class, cause I had some concerns with her teacher, and with how Ashlynn is doing. I definitely want her IEP(Individualized Education Program) designed for children with special needs, reevaluated. She is having some issues focusing as Autism is a fantasy world for these kids. They always want to live in the fantasy of whatever is on there mind. She has a hard time focusing. But the upside is she has gotten 100% on all her spelling test, and is at grade level for her age. I think I'm going to recommend they challenge her a little more and put her on a higher level, as she is doing so well where she is at. She only needs to practice the words once or twice, and she has it down. She is learning math, and is doing well in this area as well. They are teaching them to tell time on an analog clock, she is doing well in this area as well. She is struggling with punctuations and reading comprehension. Otherwise she is doing well.

Here is a picture of her on her first day of school!!!

Coleton Ironically enough has the same teacher that Ashlynn had in Kindergarten, and absolutely adores her. She is an awesome teacher, this is her second year teaching by herself, and she is doing a great job. She also says Coleton is a role model student and is so helpful. Coleton is doing so well, and is getting fabulous grades. It really makes for a proud mom. He does struggle cause class is to long, and he needs his naps. His first day of school he said "mom I really like school, but is to long". He is in all day kindergarten Mondays 9-1:45, and Tuesday-Friday 9-3:45. Every Monday is early release for all grades. Coleton is one smart boy, and is always watching every detail of every move that anyone makes. He is having a hard time with Scott and I separating and getting divorced, but I am getting them into counseling to help them cope and manage the situation.

Coleton's first day of school!!!

So that is Ashlynn and Coleton's life right now. They will be taking a trip up to Oregon with there mom, for there fall break. Ashlynn says she wants to see the Ocean, and play with her cousins and Coleton doesn't know what he wants to do. It has been 5 years since we have made a trip up there, and he was only 6months old, so he does not remember that trip. We are excited to go!!!

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