Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An update

So a little update on the family. Scott, Ashlynn, and I are both in school right now, and are doing well. I am working full time at the hospital still. I love and hate it. I love the people, and hate the exhausting work. It will end October 7. I cant wait. Ashlynn has gotten back in the routine of school, and just loves her bus drivers, and her teacher, and all her friends. She is making incredible progress. She is still behind, but she is putting sentence's together in context. She is such a sweet girl. Coleton is doing really well on potty training. He wont have any accidents, unless he has to poop. He had a big moment while my sister was watching him and that was he pooped in the potty. He has not done it since.

I have recently been kind of diagnosed with Crohns Disease. What I mean by kind of is that my lab work came back with very minimal amount of Crohns. The doctor has put me on therapy medicine, and he wants me to check back with him in a month. I am just glad they are finally figuring out what is wrong with me. I do however do have ulcers, and Colitis. None of which is fun at all.

Scott is not finding being a stay at home dad all that he thought it would be cracked up to be. I find it kind of funny. He is however staying up on his school work which is the most important thing. He is getting everything together to apply for all the schools he has to apply for. I think we have found 4 or 5 to apply for this fall.

We are a busy little family, but we are doing well none the less. To explain the picture about. Lets just say Scott is a stay at home dad.


cuthbertsonclan said...

Hang in there Katie! Life gets easier and the experiences you have now prepare you for the future! I miss you guys and hope you still come to oregon! And sorry about the Crohns thing. That SUCKS! It could be worse! Take care!

Adam&Rachel said...

oh Katie that stinks! it's nice to have answers, but that is a lot to deal with!!! So sorry. Your daughter is beautiful, she looks so much like you. Kyler can't get #2 down yet either :)

the W* family said...

I'm sorry about what's going on with you... I'm glad you found out what's going on, but still. No fun. We are SO excited to see you guys! Let us know what we can bring, okay. And directions, too. You know how Mike is. :)

Tober Family said...

Somewhere in the midst of busy life you still had time to come to Vegas and see me. That is awesome!!

Carriejo said...


Your family is so cute. Good to see and hear you guys are doing so good. I love that you guys all have blogs!