Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ashlynn's favorite Birthday gift

Well yesterday was Ashlynn's third birthday. and even though i spent the day in the hospital with my dad. She did get a gift. We only got her one cause she is having a big party on Saturday, and we took her to Disneyland. So as far as gifts go she wont be getting much.

Update on my dad. The surgery went well, and now he feels like he has been hit by a MAC truck. He is still in allot of pain, and really drugged up on morfin(sp). His surgery was at 8am yesterday, and they extibaited(sp) him at around 4pm, and they got him up to sit in a chair at about 6pm. He did not like any of that at all. They got him up this morning to walk the nurses station, and take a bath. And all he really says is that he is really uncomfortable. He threw up last night to. Which was not a good thing, but it happened. He is hopefully going to leave the CVICU(Cardio Vascular ICU) by Wednesday or Thursday, and hopefully come home before the weekend. He has been a trooper. As far as for me. I hated seeing him inti baited. It was really disturbing for me. I cant handle it, and it did not help that he was waking up for the first time when i went back to see him. So he started to gage, and was acting like he could not breath. I did not like it, but i got to see him after it was taken out, and that made it allot better.

I felt bad that i was not around much for ashlynn's birthday but i hope to make it up to her by having her party this weekend.


Stephanie said...

Don't feel bad about having to take care of your other family too. I think it would be far more stressful to stay at home with Ashlyn and try to have a fun birthday, but really have your heart and mind back with your dad. Kids are resilliant and she won't remember that you weren't there on the actual day.

I had a family emergency exactally 1 week after Emma was born and I had to juggle all in one day: crashing my car (totally my fault), Dealing with Emma's elevated Jaundice levels, Getting additional tests run on Emma at the hospital, Taking Emma to the Dr's office for a visit, Having my Grandfather suffer a stroke and pass away while visiting us, and in the midst of all of that having to tell my mom that her dad was going to die...(again all in 24 hrs.) So being where your heart and mind told you to be is not a bad thing, and you are not a bad mother because of it. (we all know otherwise!)

Denise said...

She is so freakin cute - yes, I said freakin! Now it is Thursday so hopefully your dad will be able to come home soon. Hope he is doing well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYNN! Give her a big hug from us.